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What is Thiourea and How to Buy Thiourea ?

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What Is Thiourea ?


Thiourea, a white bright bitter crystal, soluble in cold water, ethanol, slightly soluble in ether, is easy to deliquesce in the air and turns into ammonium thiocyanate at 150 ℃. It has reducibility. Chemicalbook can reduce free iodine to iodine ions. Thiourea is highly reactive and is used to prepare various compounds. It can react with a variety of oxidants to produce organic compounds, and can also be made into soluble addition compounds with inorganic compounds.

Thiourea Uses

  1. Thiourea used to manufacture sulfonamides, dyes, resins, compression molding powder, etc., as well as vulcanization accelerator of rubber, flotation agent of metal minerals, etc

  2. Thioruea used as analytical reagent, complexing indicator and chromatographic analysis reagent

  3. Thiourea used as an intermediate in the production of drugs

  4. Thioruea used as vulcanization accelerator in rubber industry

  5. Thiourea used as flotation agent in mining industry

  6. Thiourea used as fabric and paper treatment agent, printing and dyeing auxiliary

  7. Thiourea is an intermediate of fungicide Shizaoling, herbicides acetochlor, terazine, etc. It is also the raw material of medical thiazole, and can be used as the raw material of dyes, resins, and compression molding powder

How Is Thioruea Made?

  1. Use lime milk to absorb hydrogen sulfide under negative pressure and cooling to generate calcium hydrosulfide solution. The reaction of calcium hydrosulfide and calcium cyanamide (lime nitrogen) in a molar ratio of 1:5 at 80 ℃ is carried out at the left and right sides of the Chemicalbook for 3h to obtain thiourea solution, which is filtered, concentrated, cooled, crystallized, and filtered and dried to obtain the finished thiourea. In addition, it can also be prepared by ammonium thiocyanate method and diazomethane method.

  2. Calcium hydrogen sulfide solution is prepared by reacting barium sulfide with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, and hydrogen sulfide gas is absorbed under negative pressure by lime milk. Then it reacts with calcium cyanamide. The molar ratio of calcium hydrogen sulfide to calcium cyanamide is 1:5. Under constant stirring, the reaction temperature is (80 ± 5) ℃, and the reaction time is 3h. After being filtered under negative Chemicalbook pressure, thiourea liquid can be generated. After evaporation, filtration, cooling, and crystallization, crystal thiourea can be obtained, The finished product is obtained by centrifugal dehydration and drying. The reaction equation is as follows: BaS+H2SO4 → BaSO4 ↓+H2S ↑ 2H2S+Ca (OH) 2 → Ca (SH) 2+2H2O

  3. In the synthesis method, barium sulfide reacts with hydrochloric acid (or sulfuric acid), lime milk is absorbed under negative pressure, and then reacts with lime nitrogen. After filtration, cooling and crystallization, centrifugation and drying, the finished thiourea is prepared. Its BaS+2HCl → BaC12+H2SChemicalbook ↑ CaO+H2O → Ca (OH) 2Ca (OH) 2+2H2S → Ca (SH) 2+2H2O2CaCN2+Ca (SH) 2+6H2O → 2 (NH2) 2CS+3Ca (OH) 2

Thiourea factory pictureThioruea factory picture 1

Where To Buy Thiourea In Bulk ?

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Thiourea FAQ

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What Is The Latest Thiourea Price ?

As Thiourea price usually changes depending on the price of raw materials. In order to get the latest price of thiourea, please contact us and we will provide a quotation right up to your country.

Where To Buy Thiourea ?

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