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What is Tetrahydrofuran and How to Buy Tetrahydrofuran ?

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What Is Tetrahydrofuran?

Tetrahydrofuran (THF) is a heterocyclic organic compound with the molecular formula C4H8O. It belongs to ethers and is a completely hydrogenated product of aromatic compound furan. It is a colorless, water-miscible, organic liquid with a small viscosity at normal temperature and pressure. The chemical formula of this cyclic ether can be written as (CH2)4O. Because of its long liquid range, it is a commonly used medium-polar aprotic solvent.


Tetrahydrofuran COA & MSDS

QI DI CHEM COA for Tetrahydrofuran.pdf            QI DI CHEM MSDS for Tetrahydrofuran.pdf

Tetrahydrofuran Uses

  • 1. Used as a solvent and raw material for organic synthesis.

  • 2. Used as chromatographic analysis reagent, organic solvent and nylon 66 intermediate. Tetrahydrofuran, also known as oxolane, oxolane, and tetramethylene oxide, is an intermediate in the synthesis of pesticide phenbutyltin.

  • 3. It can be directly used to make synthetic fibers, synthetic resins, synthetic rubbers, and is also a solvent for many polymer materials, precision tapes and electroplating industries.

  • 4. In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used to produce Kebiqing, progesterone, rifamycin and as a pharmaceutical solvent.

  • 5. Tetrahydrofuran is suitable for dissolving PVC, polyvinylidene chloride and butyl aniline. It is widely used as a solvent for surface coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, printing inks, tape and film coatings, and as a reaction solvent. It can be used to control aluminum when used in aluminum electroplating. The layer is thick and bright.

  • 6. THF is treated with hydrogen sulfide to generate tetrahydrothiophenol, which can be used as an odorant (identification additive) in fuel gas. THF can also be used as a surface treatment agent for synthetic leather.

Hazardous Characteristics Of Tetrahydrofuran

Tetrahydrofuran belongs to class 3.1 low flash point flammable liquid, which is extremely flammable. The vapor can form an explosive mixture with air, and the explosion limit is 1.5% ~ 12% (volume fraction), which is irritant. Its highly combustible nature is also one of the potential safety hazards. The biggest safety hazard of THF lies in the slow formation of highly explosive organic peroxides when exposed to the air. In order to reduce this hidden danger, 2,6-di-tert-butyl-p-cresol (BHT) is usually added to the commercially available THF to inhibit the production of organic peroxide. At the same time, THF should not be evaporated dry because organic peroxides will be enriched in the distillation residue.

How Is Tetrahydrofuran Made?

  • 1. Maleic anhydride catalytic hydrogenation maleic anhydride and hydrogen enter the reactor containing nickel catalyst from the bottom, and tetrahydrofuran and γ- The proportion of butyrolactone can be controlled by adjusting the operating parameters. The reaction product and raw material hydrogen are cooled to about 50 ℃ and enter the bottom of the washing tower to separate the unreacted hydrogen and gaseous products from the liquid products. The unreacted hydrogen and gaseous products are recycled to the reactor after washing, and the liquid products are distilled to obtain tetrahydrofuran products.

  • 2. In the dichlorobutene method, 1,4-dichlorobutene is used as raw material, which is hydrolyzed to produce butene glycol, and then obtained by catalytic hydrogenation. 1,4-dichlorobutene is hydrolyzed in sodium hydroxide solution to produce butene glycol at 110 ℃. Sodium chloride is removed by centrifugation. The filtrate is concentrated in evaporation crystallizer to separate alkali metal carboxylate, and then the high boiling matter is removed in distillation tower. The refined butene glycol is sent to the reactor. With nickel as catalyst, the butene glycol is hydrogenated to produce butanediol at 80 ~ 120 ℃ and a certain pressure. After distillation, it is sent to the cyclization reactor to produce crude tetrahydrofuran in acid medium at atmospheric pressure and 120 ~ 140 ℃, distill, dehydrate and remove high boiling products, and finally distill to obtain high-purity tetrahydrofuran.

  • 3. Butadiene oxidation method takes butadiene as raw material, which is oxidized to furan and then hydrogenated.

tetrahydrofuran QIDI CHEM

Tetrahydrofuran QIDI CHEM

Where To Buy Tetrahydrofuran In Bulk ?

If you require bulk quantities of this chemical, you can buy Tetrahydrofuran on our website or contact us for further details.

Which Countries Manufacture Tetrahydrofuran In Bulk ?

The consumption of Tetrahydrofuran has increased dramatically across the world. Therefore, its huge demand has led to a surge in companies that produce it. The main producers of THF are:


  • USA

  • Germany

How Is Tetrahydrofuran Exported ?

Tetrahydrofuran is shipped in:

180kg/drum, 14.4MT/20'FCL

tetrahydrofuran QIDI CHEM

Tetrahydrofuran QIDI CHEM


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What Is The Latest Tetrahydrofuran Price ?

As Tetrahydrofuran price usually changes depending on the price of raw materials. In order to get the latest price of THF, please contact us and we will provide a quotation right up to your country.

Where To Buy Tetrahydrofuran ?

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