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What is Methylene chloride and How to Buy Methylene chloride ?

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What Is Methylene Chloride

Methylene chloride/ Dichloromethane, an organic compound with chemical formula CH2Cl2, is a colorless transparent liquid with a pungent smell similar to ether. It is slightly soluble in water, ethanol and ether. It is a nonflammable solvent with low boiling point under normal use conditions. When its vapor becomes high concentration in high-temperature air, it will generate a mixture of gas with weak combustion. It is often used to replace flammable petroleum ether, ether, etc.

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Methylene Chloride COA & MSDS

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Methylene Chloride Uses

Household Uses

Methylene chloride is a solvent found in paint and varnish strippers that are used to remove paint or varnish coatings from avariety of surfaces. It is also used in bathtub refinishing.

Industrial/Manufacturing Uses

Methylene chloride is most prominently used industrially — in the production of paint strippers and process solvents.

Methylene chloride also is used in the following industrial settings.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Methylene chloride is used as an extraction solvent in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. For example, methylene
chloride can be used to remove caffeine from unroasted coffee beans and tea leaves, to make decaffeinated coffee and tea.

Methylene chloride also is used in processing spices, creating hops extract for beer and other flavorings for the food and beverage industries.

Hazardous Characteristics Of Methylene chloride

Dichloromethane is the least toxic of methane chloride, and its toxicity is only 0.11% of that of carbon tetrachloride. Health hazard: This product has anesthetic effect and mainly damages the central nervous system and respiratory system. The main route of human exposure is inhalation. It has been measured that in the indoor production environment, when dichloromethane is used as paint remover, there is a high concentration of dichloromethane. The general population through the surrounding air, drinking water and food contact, the dose is much lower. It is estimated that about 80% of the world production of dichloromethane is released into the atmosphere, but due to the rapid photolysis rate of the compound, it is impossible to accumulate in the atmosphere. The initial degradation products are phosgene and carbon monoxide, which are then transformed into carbon dioxide and hydrochloric acid. When dichloromethane is present in surface water, most of it will evaporate. In the presence of oxygen, it is easy to biodegrade, so bioaccumulation seems unlikely. However, its behavior in soil needs to be determined.

How Is Methylene chloride Made

1. Natural gas chlorination method: natural gas reacts with chlorine. After hydrogen chloride by-product hydrochloric acid is absorbed by water, residual trace hydrogen chloride is removed with alkali solution, and then dried, compressed, condensed and distilled to obtain the finished product, including chlorine 100% 4000, natural gas (under standard conditions), methane 97% 1000m3 / T and liquid alkali 100% 274.

2. Methyl chloride chlorination method methyl chloride reacts with chlorine under 4000kW light, and the chemical Book generates dichloromethane. The finished product is obtained by alkali washing, shrinkage, condensation, drying and rectification. The main by-product is chloroform. Methyl chloride ≥ 98% 746, liquid chlorine ≥ 99.5% 854, caustic soda 30% 221. Industry generally synthesizes methane by chlorination. Methane chlorination yields a pile of mixtures including four kinds of methyl chloride. However, due to the large distance between their boiling points, they can be easily separated and purified by ordinary fractionation technology.

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Where To Buy Methylene chloride In Bulk ?

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How Is Methylene chloride Exported ?

Methylene chloride is shipped in:

270KGS/Drum, 21.6MT/20'FCL

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What Is The Latest Methylene chloride Price ?

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Where To Buy Methylene chloride ?

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