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What is Fumaric Acid and How to buy Fumaric Acid

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What is Fumaric Acid ?

Fumaric acid is an important organic chemical raw material, an intermediate of fine chemical products, and an important derivative of maleic anhydride. It is widely used in food, coatings, resins, and plasticizers. 

Fumaric acid, also known as fumaric acid and fumaric acid, is naturally found in corydalis, mushrooms and fresh beef. The precipitates from the water are monoclinic acicular, prismatic or blade shaped white crystals or crystalline powders. Odorless, with special sour taste, strong sour taste, about 1.5 times of citric acid. Melting point 287 ℃, boiling point 290 ℃, sublimation above 200 ℃, heating Chemicalbook to 230 ℃, dehydration to form maleic anhydride, and co boiling with water to generate DL malic acid. It is soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in water and ether, and insoluble in chloroform. The pH of the 3% aqueous solution is 2.0~2.5, which has a strong buffer property to maintain the pH of the aqueous solution at about 3.0. This product is non-toxic, with oral LD508000mg/kg in rats.

Fumaric Acid Uses

  • 1. Fumaric acid can be used as an acidulant.

  • 2. Fumaric acid has bacteriostatic and antiseptic function.

  • 3. Fumaric acid can be used as acidity regulator, acidifier, thermal-oxidative resist auxiliary, curing accelerant and spice.

  • 4. Fumaric acid can be used as acidic substance of effervescent agent, it can produce extended and exquisite bubbles.

  • 5. Fumaric acid can be used as pharmaceutical intermediate and optical bleaching agent.

  • 6. Fumaric acid is also used in manufacturing unsaturated polyester resin.

  • 7. In pharmaceutical industry, it is used to produce alexipharmic sodium dimercaptosuccinate and ferrous fumarate.

Fumaric Acid Precautions For Use

  • 1. This product has a strong buffering effect to keep the aqueous solution at about pH 3.0, and plays an important role in bacteriostasis and antisepsis.

  • 2. This product has astringent taste and is one of the most acidic solid acids. Because of its low solubility in water, it is seldom used. But its water absorption is low, which is helpful to prolong the storage period of powder products. (3) When the product becomes sodium fumarate, its water solubility and flavor are better.

  • ① It is used for noodles, bread and steamed bread. It is added when mixing noodles. The dosage is 3g/kg for noodles; Bread and steamed bread are about 1g/kg.

  • ② For jam and jelly, the maximum dosage is 3g/kg. Individually or in combination with tartaric acid and its salts, keep the pH at 2.8-3.5.

  • ③ It is used for cool drinks, cold drinks, concentrated chemicalbook juice, canned fruits (peaches, oranges), etc., and is mostly used with other organic acids. When combined with citric acid, the dosage is 20%~30% of citric acid.

  • ④ 2~5g/kg (combined with succinic acid) for preparing wine and pickles.

  • ⑤ When the product is used as the acid substance of the gas generating agent for solid drinks, the product bubbles are durable and delicate.

How is Fumaric Acid Made?

  • 1. Fumaric acid is obtained by oxidation of benzene (or butene) to maleic acid (or maleic anhydride) in the presence of catalyst, and then by isomerization. Benzene (or 80% butene) and excess air are subjected to oxidative Chemicalbooking reaction in a fluidized bed or fixed bed reactor to generate maleic anhydride, which is absorbed into maleic acid by circulating acid solution. After decolorization and filtration, maleic acid is isomerized with thiourea catalyst. The reactant is filtered, washed and dried to obtain fumaric acid.

  • 2. Benzene (or 80% butene) and excess air are absorbed by circulating acid solution in fluidized bed or fixed bed reactor to generate maleic acid; After decolorization and filtration, maleic acid is converted into fumaric acid under the catalysis of thiourea, and the reactant is filtered, washed and dried to obtain the finished product. The product can also be obtained by liquid-phase oxidation of furfural. Add 58.5g KClO3 powder, an appropriate amount of ChemicalbookV2O5/MoO3 (0.8:1) catalyst and 100mL 0.5mol/L hydrochloric acid solution into a 250mL flask, add 20mL furfural at the rate of 1mL/min under constant stirring and 110 ℃, and continue to react for 2h after adding. Then cool to room temperature, filter and recover the filtrate. The filter cake is placed in 100mL distilled water, stirred and filtered to obtain crude fumaric acid, and the product is recrystallized by dilute hydrochloric acid.

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Where To Buy Fumaric Acid In Bulk ?

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Fumaric Acid FAQ

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What Is The Latest Fumaric Acid Price ?

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Where To Buy Fumaric Acid ?

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