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Paraformaldehyde CAS 30525-89-4 is a stable white crystalline powder. It is used as a agricultural chemical, fungicide, bactericide, and wood preservative.
  • White granular
  • 30525-89-4
  • (CH2O)n
  • 608-494-5


Paraformaldehyde Specification

Formaldehyde Content, % 91.0-93.0 95.0-97.0
Acidity (Formic Acid), % ≤0.03 ≤0.03
Methanol Content, % ≤1 ≤1
pH 3-7 3-7
Iron Content, % ≤0.0002 ≤0.0002
Ash, % ≤0.1 ≤0.05

COA - Paraformaldehyde 92.pdf

COA - Paraformaldehyde 96.pdf


Paraformaldehyde Chemical Properties:

Paraformaldehyde is a polymerized form of formaldehyde (CH,O) and is a stable white crystalline powder. Irritating odor. Because pure formaldehyde is unstable at ambient conditions, paraformaldehyde is used as a readily-usable form of formaldehyde at use sites. Then,formaldehyde gas is generated during heating. Paraformaldehyde is used for different applications as a source of either gaseousformaldehyde or solution formaldehyde.


Paraformaldehyde Storage:

Recommended storage temperature 2-8℃.

Handle and store under inert gas. Moisture sensitive.

Paraformaldehyde Package:

25kgs bag, 20 tons in one 20ft container with pallets


Paraformaldehyde Application

  • Used as a agricultural chemical, fungicide, bactericide, and wood preservative.

  • The polymerized form of formaldehyde, used in root canal sealers that provide antimicrobial activity.

  • Used as a fumigant, a disinfectant and in the manufacture of synthetic resins like melamine resin, phenol resin and polyacetal resin.

  • Used in cell culture. It also serves as a fixative in electron microscopy.

  • Used in the preparation of formalin fixatives for tissues or cells.


Q1: May I get sample?

A1: Free sample is available, you only need to pay freight.

Q2: How long does it take for me to get sample?

A2: Usually it will cost about 5 days after delivery.

Q3: How can I place an order?

A3: You can contact us about your order details  by E-mail, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

Q4: How can you guarantee your products are qualified?

A4: We will test the goods and issue COA before delivery