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White crystal with pungent odor. Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, benzene and other organic solvents
  • White Flake
  • 106-46-7

Product Description

P-dichlorobenzene Description

Test Items
White Flakes
White Flakes
Purity99.8% Min99.94%
Moisture0.1% Max0.0172%
Low boiling  point materials0.05% Max
High boiling point materials0.1% Max0
0.05% Max0.006%
ODCB0.1% Max
ConclusionThe product conforms to standard.

P-dichlorobenzene Application

  1. P-dichlorobenzene used to synthesize dyes such as bright red base GG, active light yellow, etc., as pesticide intermediates, fumigation insecticides, fabric mothproofing agents, and also for organic synthesis.

  2. P-dichlorobenzene used as organic analytical reagent, solvent, insecticide and mothproof agent

  3. P-dichlorobenzene is an intermediate of the insecticide carbocarb, herbicides dichlorvos and quinoxalin, and is also an intermediate of dyes and medicine. It can also be used as household insecticide and mothproof agent.

  4. P-dichlorobenzene used for synthetic dyes (bright red based GG and red based 3GL, active light yellow and red RC) and pesticide intermediates, as fumigant pesticides, fabric mothproofing agents, anti-Chemicalbook mildew agents, air deodorant, 65% - 70% for manufacturing sanitary balls, a small amount for special pressure lubricants, corrosion inhibitors. This product can also be used as medicine and solvent.

  5. P-dichlorobenzene used for leather antisepsis, pesticide, organic synthesis, etc

  6. P-dichlorobenzene used as insecticide fumigant, mothproof agent, deodorant, preservative, analytical reagent and organic synthesis.

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