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Diatomaceous Earth

Food grade diatomaceous earth has many different colors, mainly are white, grey, light yellow and pink; the form is powder. The applications and uses of diatomaceous earth are: filter aid in wine and beverages , water treatment, food oil industry, sugar industry; pesticide; fertilizer; industrial uses in rubber, resin, paper production, cement filler and various decorative heat insulation coatings
  • powder
  • 61790-53-2

Technology Data Sheet

Diatomaceous Earth Technology Data Sheet


ColorGradePermeability (Darcy)Density g/cm3Screen %           +150 meshpH
ZBS100Pink/WhiteDissolve calcination1.
ZBS150Pink/WhiteDissolve calcination1.
ZBS200Pink/WhiteDissolve calcination2.32.630.350.40NA48-11
ZBS300WhiteDissolve calcination33.540.350.370268-11
ZBS400WhiteDissolve calcination44.550.350.3724108-11
ZBS500WhiteDissolve calcination4.85.360.350.3748158-11
ZBS600WhiteDissolve calcination6780.350.37610208-11
ZBS800WhiteDissolve calcination7890.350.371015258-11
ZBS1000WhiteDissolve calcination810120.350.381221308-11
ZBS1200WhiteDissolve calcination1217300.350.38NANANA8-11


Diatomaceous Earth Application

Diatomaceous Earth food grade water treatment

Water Treatment

Diatomaceous Earth wine and beverages

Wine and Beverages

Diatomaceous Earth sugar industry

Sugar Industry

Diatomaceous Earth food oil

Food Oil

In order to get better satisfactory and filtration rate, we useally choose one or two Diatomaceous Earth food grade filter aid to mixture use based on the complex viscosity of the filtered liquids.

My company's Diatomaceous Earth food grade can meet the following productions process separation requirements:

  1. Condiments: MSG (Aginomoto), soy sauce, vinegar;

  2. Wine industry and beverages: beer, wine, red wine, various beverages;

  3. Pharmaceuticals: antibiotics, synthetic plasma, vitamins, injection, syrup;

  4. Raw chemical materials: inorganic acids, organic acids, alkyds, titanium sulfate;

  5. Water treatments: swimmiung pool water, industrial waste water, service water, tap water

  6. Oil industry: industrial oils and food oils;Sugar industry: glucose syrup, honey, fructose syrup, sweet sugar, cane sugar;

  7. Other related categories: cement additives, sweet sugar, fructose syrup

Cooperation Brands and Documents Download

Diatomaceous Earth Cooperation Brands

Diatomaceous Earth cooperater 1

diatomaceous earth cooperater 2

diatomaceous earth cooperater 3

diatomaceous earth cooperater 4

diatomaceous earth cooperater 5

diatomaceous earth cooperater 6

diatomaceous earth cooperater 7

diatomaceous earth cooperater 8

diatomaceous earth cooperater 9

diatomaceous earth cooperater 10

diatomaceous earth cooperater 11

diatomaceous earth cooperater 12

diatomaceous earth cooperater 13

diatomaceous earth cooperater 14

diatomaceous earth cooperater 15

Documents Download

MSDS Diatomite Earth.pdf

Service and Advantage

Diatomaceous Earth Service and Advantage

Diatomaceous Earth

We hope to cooperate with partners in global market to creat win-win business

If you are interested in our products, feel free to to contact me, I will offer you with best porice and free samples

Diatomaceous Earth years

Over 10 years experience

Diatomaceous Earth global

Free sample delivery, quality control

Diatomaceous Earth OEM

OEM service, customize packages & standards

Diatomaceous Earth hours

Fast response, email reply within 24 hours

Product Features, Package and Shipment

Diatomaceous Earth Product Features

  • Full permeability range 

  • Professional certifications: ISO, Halal, Kosher

  • Widely uses of many industries

  • Faster efficient filtration

Diatomaceous Earth Package and Shipment

  • Paper kraft bag with inner film, net weight 20KG;

  • PP woven bag with inner film, net weight 20KG;

  • Large PP woven bag inner film, net weight 500KG;

  • Allow customized bags and logo marks

Diatomaceous Earth package

Diatomaceous Earth FAQ

Q1: May I get sample?

A1: Free sample is available, you only need to pay freight.

Q2: How long does it take for me to get sample?

A2: Usually it will cost about 5 days after delivery.

Q3: How can I place an order?

A3: You can contact us about your order details  by E-mail, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

Q4: How can you guarantee your products are qualified?

A4: We will test the goods and issue COA before delivery

Diatomaceous Earth