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Can You Drink Sodium Chlorite? - The Harm of Sodium Chlorite to Human Body

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Can you drink sodium chlorite?

On search engines, some people asked: Is sodium chlorite drinkable?

The answer is: sodium chlorite should not be drunk. The FDA clearly states that you should not ingest it for any reason.

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The harm of sodium chlorite to human body

Sodium chlorite is a strong oxidant that causes clinical symptoms similar to sodium chlorite: methemoglobinemia, hemolysis, and renal failure. One dose of 10-15 grams of sodium chlorite can be fatal. The EPA has set the maximum level of chlorite contamination in drinking water at 1 mg (1 mg/L) per liter.

In addition, when sodium chlorite is bleached in an acidic state, chlorine dioxide is released, which is an irritant. Chlorine dioxide invades the respiratory and eye mucosa. Chlorine dioxide can harm the human nervous system, and there have been cases of emphysema and bronchitis. The human body can sense chlorine dioxide when it is 14 -- 17 mg/L in the air. Death may result if the concentration remains at this level for 6 hours. The allowable concentration of chlorine dioxide in the air of workshop is below 1 mg/L.

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Emergency protection against exposure to sodium chlorite

If your skin or eyes come into contact with sodium chlorite, rinse immediately with water. After ingesting sodium chlorite, please immediately drink salt water or warm soapy water, try to spit out, and then quickly sent to the hospital treatment.

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